We've all heard how awesome social media is for growing our business. So we start poking on Facebook, start tweetin' on Twitter, and linking on LinkedIn. We get HootSuite or some similar program and start programming our business links to go out to a zillion different groups. We do everything the "experts" tell us to do and we do it everywhere. 

And then we wonder why it's not working for us. 

Maybe it's because you haven't got a social media goal. 

A lot of people dive into social media without ever thinking what their real goal is with it. I know I did - I thought the 'goal' was simply to be there, and get my business link out to every single corner of the internet so people would click on it.

There's a name for that - link spamming.  

Instead, you need to have a real goal for your actions - you need to know what you're trying to achieve. 

Maybe you're trying to increase brand recognition. 
Maybe you want to engage more with the online community. 
Maybe you want to grow an active online following. 

These are all great goals! Your next step is to figure out a couple of specific, actionable and measurable steps that you can take to achieve those goals. 

For example, I want to grow a more active online following for my business, The Take Action WAHM. Things I do to achieve that goal are:- taking time each day on FB to reach out to new people; - taking time each day to connect with people who already follow me- share links/photos/quotes etc that I think are of interest to the kinds of people I want to connect with. 

That third thing? That means I'm not just sharing links from my blog every day. I'm also sharing posts from other people, and sharing quotes or pictures that can start a conversation. I want my fans to engage with me - to trust me. That's not going to happen if all I do is link spam with my own stuff.  People turn you off pretty quickly when they feel like it's a one way street. 

What you'll find is that when you pick a simple actions, and do them consistently, you'll see way better results than you get from being all over the place, throwing links at forty-eleven different social media sites, trying to figure out what sticks. 

Consistency - people when get to know you, follow you, trust you. And building trust is the most important step in growing your business. 

So how about you? Do you know what your social media goals are? 


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If you're having trouble setting goals because you lack clarity - I recommend reading The Desire Map - learn to create "goals with soul"!